Thursday, September 13, 2012

Oh, Pout, *I* Was Going to Tackle This One Next and Orac Scooped Me

I was going to pitch it under the "concern troll" heading, but Orac saved me the work - please go and read

Respecting parental concerns versus pandering to antivaccine fears

It summarises my thoughts on "anti-vaccine wolf" in "concerned citizen sheep" skin just beautifully :)


  1. By all means take *another look*. The author of that book *was* on Facebook b*tching about Orac's blog and the comments.

    Within five minutes after the link to the author's Facebook page was provided by a poster on RI...the author's Facebook page was taken down.

    He's obviously "lurking" on the RI blog. I invited him to come and post, to explain the content of his book and to clarify certain opinions expressed by him about VPDs...that were mentioned in a book review by Christian Orlic.

  2. oh, is there a screenie? Will go and look.

  3. In my humble opinion, we each speak with a different voice to these different topics. It is all right that we all hit the same topic over and over again, so that when someone who truly wants to find out what's going on, may find Orac's writing more difficult and yours much easier. Or something like that. I'm just saying, go for it. I like how you write, it gives me a different perspective. :)

    1. Oh, thank you Michael (blush) - I have a "new post" open in another window and will be writing it throughout the day :)

  4. Several Posters at RI have stated that the Facebook is down...I don't think there is a screenie.

    Take a look at this website for a review by Christian Orlic of Mr. Largent’s book:

    Take particular note of Orlic’s interpretation of Mr. Largent’s “classifying” of the diseases that vaccines prevent:

    “One of the most important observations made by Largent is that not all vaccines are the same. Some vaccines protect against devastating diseases (MMR, DPT), others protect against dangerous ones (Hep A, Hep B, Hib, rotavirus, PCV) but the likelihood that an infant may be exposed to these is low, and other vaccinations provide protection against diseases with extremely low mortality rates (chickenpox). The distinction between the diseases each vaccine protects from are often forgotten. For example, Largent argues that some of the diseases we vaccinate newly born babies against may be unnecessary, such as HepB, a disease that an infant could only “contract by having sex with an infected person or by sharing contaminated needles with an infected drug addict” could wait (2).”

    (PCV is Pneumococcal Conjugate Vaccine)

    Did Orlic get it all wrong…or did Largent?

  5. Well, Prof. Largent has made his "Takepart" commentary comments only available if someone has a Facebook account. That restricts many of us.

    Isn't that right, Mr. Simpson?

    I am not going to do Facebook.

  6. Sorry to go O/T, but I think someone was looking for Tom Jefferson's The Cochrane Review on influenza vaccine effectiveness, and Mr. Jefferson's viewpoints:

    I also found some of Tom Jefferson's Influenza vaccines interviews on You Tube.

  7. @ Chris: I "don't do Facebook", either.

    I keep watching RI to see if Mr. Largent is going to show up.