Sunday, February 23, 2014

KISS 2/23 More measles in California

Crowne Hill Elementary reports two more cases of measles amongst the 10 unvaccinated students excluded from the school last week. I wonder whether we'll ever learn how many were patients of Bob Sears, whose practise lies a mere 58 miles from the school?

In any case, let's hope none of the patients have a little sibling in River Springs Charter Kindergarten, 7 miles away, where a whopping 22% of pupils, 117, have a personal belief exemption from vaccination:


  1. My best guess is that Dr. Bob has his fingerprints all over these measles cases. He has a current list of "Vaccine Friendly Doctors" (code for "doctors who don't follow the CDC/AAP Childhood Vaccines Recommendations"), on his website.

    You just need to scroll down to find your State; Dr. Bob has listed 46 pediatric practices where the pediatricians do not follow the AAP Standards of Care for timely and complete immunizations.

  2. Those 46 pediatric practices I located on Dr. Bob's "Vaccine Friendly Doctors" list are all located in California.

    There are hundreds of practices on Dr. Bob's list, located in every State.

  3. I hope someone files a malpractice lawsuit against Sears. He is guilty of medical malpractice.