Monday, March 3, 2014

KISS 3/3/2014 The Dreamboat

Measles love to travel

These days, you can catch them on planes and buses, but also in a very posh location - the Concordia class cruise liner Costa Pacifica has had 7 confirmed cases of measles amongst its crew members, 40 are in quarantine in Italy, where the boat made an unscheduled stop.
Check your vaccination records now, unless you want to bring home a souvenir...


  1. There's an article in here--I would like to think on a cruise boat that all the staff are vaccinated. This makes it look like maybe they aren't. I've gone on one cruise and would much prefer if I ever go one another cruise knowing at least that the crew are not unvaccinated for a vacation that occurs in relatively close quarters.

    1. I agree - it is shocking that 40 staff are quarantined. I have scoured the Italian news (which seem to be the most detailed) for vaccination status/nationality of the staff, but have been unsuccessful to date. Will keep on it.

  2. I hope this article is of claims that 59 crew members are infected with measles and provides a link to a different Italian newspaper about the measles outbreak.

  3. Looks like Spam to me up top.

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