Thursday, December 10, 2015

Springer Link Ethics Journal Editors Do Something Unethical

Addendum 22 February 2016:  The journal Science and Engineering Ethics changes the formatting of their online articles during the publication process.  While the initial format of the Kern et al. (2015) review listed full author affiliations as they appeared in my first post, Conflicts of Interest are Bad, Just Not Our Own, the author affiliation are obscured now as they are in other online articles in Science and Engineering Ethics.  The author affiliations are apparent in the .pdf version.  For that Springer Link and their journal editors of Science and Engineering Ethics have my sincere apology.  However, I still stand fully behind my first post regarding this review article and given the massive undeclared conflicts of interest all the authors have and the self-serving nature of their review, this review should be retracted.

Springer Link's editors of Science and Engineering Ethics have pulled a sleight-of-hand since my last post about this spectacularly bad "review article" about conflicts of interest and transparency by a dodgy group of authors who didn't declare their own profound conflicts of interest.  Rather than retract this egregious example of dishonesty and peer-review failure, the editors simply and quietly removed the authors' affiliations.  The affiliations appear in my previous post but have been disappeared without explanation from the article. The description of Science and Engineering Ethics appears thusly:
Science and Engineering Ethics is a multi-disciplinary journal that explores ethical issues of direct concern to scientists and engineers. Coverage encompasses professional education, standards and ethics in research and practice, extending to the effects of innovation on society at large.

Recent controversies and instances of misconduct in science have attracted considerable media attention. In addition, the power of new technologies developed through science and engineering - especially as portrayed by the media - have inspired growing popular concern. Science and Engineering Ethics offers a forum for the examination and discussion of ethical issues arising in the practice of scientific research and engineering, and in the practical application of that work.

Although the focus of this publication is science and engineering, contributions from a broad range of disciplines are included.
Yet here the very editors of an ethics journal engage in a violation of ethics and commit misconduct by deleting author affiliations and allowing a completely dishonest Conflict of Interest statement remain.   As per Retraction Watch, the relevant research integrity office at the authors' institution should be contacted first.  That poses some difficulty here since most of the authors are employed by the same incestuous network of businesses and "charities" run by themselves.  I do know for a fact that the editors of Science and Engineering Ethics were contacted directly and the action that they have chosen flies in the face of publication ethics.  In any event they are:

SJ Bird:

RE Spier:

Institutional research compliance contacts for those authors who do have them are:
Helene Lake-Bullock
Research Compliance Officer, University of Kentucky
Re: Boyd Haley

Gary S. Margules
Vice President, Office of Research and Technology Transfer, Nova Southeastern University
Re: Richard Deth

Danielle Beck
IRB Chair, IRB Simpson University
Re: Brian Hooker

Systematic Assessment of Research on Autism Spectrum Disorder and Mercury Reveals Conflicts of Interest and the Need for Transparency in Autism Research is an egregious example of hypocrisy and should have been retracted but the editors doubled-down on publication misconduct by disappearing author affiliations which point to the plethora of conflicts of interest the authors have.  Shame on Springer Link.

My deep gratitude to capnkrunch who spotted this sleight-of-hand and brought it to my attention along with some contact information.