Thursday, September 3, 2015

Kidnapping...Now a Vaccine Adverse Event.

A bizarre story of kidnapping has emerged in California which has been (tastelessly) dubbed, the "Gone Girl" kidnapping.  It was initially believed by the Vallejo Police that kidnap victim, Denise Huskins and her boyfriend Aaron Quinn perpetrated a hoax.  That was not the case as Matthew Muller, a former Marine and disbarred attorney was arrested for the kidnapping of Ms. Huskins.
The man charged in a California kidnapping that police initially dismissed as a hoax said he acted alone, and that mental illness and a side effect from a vaccine contributed to his behavior, the FBI said in a court filing.

Matthew Muller made the comments to a television news reporter during a jailhouse interview in July, FBI Special Agent Wesley Drone said in an affidavit in support of a search warrant. The reporter was not allowed to record the interview and had been asked by Muller not to reveal his comments about acting alone and the vaccine. She did report that Muller said he felt bad for the kidnapping victim and thought the victim deserved an apology.
This sounds like just the type of story that Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. can throw his weight behind and use on his "U.S. tour" as an example of how dangerous vaccines are.


  1. I wonder if this is going to wind up in VAERS.

  2. Heh, well anyone can make a VAERS entry on behalf of someone else so...

  3. Something even more ridiculous than the "Twinkie defense" has emerged.