Sunday, November 21, 2010

Catherina and Science Mom Need to Come with a Warning!

Last week, Dr. Bob Sears issued "IMPORTANT INFORMATION FROM DR. BOB".  It had never been my intent to write about him as much as I have but the statements he makes create such a target-rich environment.  He has offered such disclaimers before, one being so mock-worthy, going so far as to call us 'secret agents' for pharma,  that Respectful Insolence couldn't even resist.  His entire "Disclaimer and warning about Catherina and Science Mom" appears as the indented text.
Thank you for being a part of our vaccine forum. I appreciate your questions and comments. Please be aware that the only person officially affiliated with the forum is Dr. Bob Sears (usually posts as just "Dr. Bob"). There are two people on this site who have been unofficially involved since the beginning - Science Mom and Catherina. Please be aware of several things:
1. These two have absolutely no official affiliation with this website. I have no idea who they are or what their credentials are.
 Dr. Bob needed to clarify this as Catherina and I seem to have a greater dedication for answering parents' questions on his forum than he has. 
2. In the vast majority of circumstances, I DISAGREE with the advice they choose to give. So, take their advice with a few grains of salt. Having said that, they do happen to give accurate medical information when it comes to diseases. You can generally trust that info. But when it comes to things like "what should I do about a particular vaccine, vaccines in general, alternative vaccine approaches, and worries about vaccine side effects," they often give advice that I disagree with.
Dr. Bob agrees that we "give accurate medical information when it comes to diseases" and even goes on to say that you should "trust that info".  But he DISAGREES with the "vast majority" of the advice that we give.  The embuggerance is that the the advice he DISAGREES with is firmly rooted in the "accurate medical information" he praises us for.  The good doctor is essentially saying that our advice based upon "accurate medical information" is not to be trusted but that his advice based upon... um, well something, should be relied upon.
3. I have stopped reading info posted by SM and Cath because it's just too annoying to read. Unless you ask them a direct question yourself, I suggest you do the same (unless you like debates that go around in circles).
Athough Bob has stopped reading our annoying "accurate medical information" he hasn't gone so far to stop telling others to stop reading our "accurate medical information" (fingers in ears; "NANANANANA I CAN'T HEAR YOU!!!").  Of course it's annoying, it is always "annoying" when someone calls you out on your bullshit.
4. It is my opinion that SM and Cath are being paid to play an active and daily role by one or more companies that have a financial interest in the success of vaccines. I have no direct evidence of this. But given then way they treat most people who doubt or question vaccines, I just can't believe that they would spend hours each day, almost every day, for THREE YEARS answering questions out of the goodness of their hearts.
Well, it is "my opinion that SM and Cath" should be paid by the evil drug companies (and the evil oil companies and the evil auto companies and the evil defence contractors any other evil companies who are giving away free money), unfortunately, that ain't happening.  It would be nice to think that the pharma companies care enough about Dr. Bob's blog to pay shills to post there as much as we do, it's nice to believe in the tooth faerie too.  Anyway, the good doctor says he has "no direct evidence of this", but honestly, when has that ever stopped him from giving his opinion.  He can't believe that we would spend "THREE YEARS" taking time to answer parents' concerns out of the "goodness of their hearts" because if he wasn't getting paid to write books, he sure as fuck wouldn't.
5. I trust the judgement of the site administrator (a personal friend of mine) who will be routinely deleting unnecessary and unproductive posts.
Amazingly, Dr. Bob and I agree on something.
6. As a final, and slightly unrelated note, my primary role here is to answer specific questions to help guide you in your understanding and decisions. As a full-time practicing pediatrician, husband, and father of three, I don't have extra time to engage in online discussions or debates. So you will rarely see me jump into such.

Thank you for your participation. I look forward to answering your questions.
"unrelated", I do not think it means what you think it means.   He'll answer your questions as long as they aren't difficult ones.  He just doesn't "have extra time to engage in online discussions or debates".  Dr. Bob put this community together, it would be selfish to expect him to have the time to get involved with parents' "discussions" or "debates".  He is far too busy as a "practicing pediatrician".  But he has enough time to tell parents that they shouldn't listen to "SM and Cath" whom he can't believe would spend "hours each day, almost every day, for THREE YEARS answering questions out of the goodness of their hearts."  Come on, he's a busy guy.   And actually, we're quite busy too but it doesn't take hours each day out of our schedules to answer these questions.  It probably just seems like that to Dr. Bob because it would take HIM that long to even attempt to answer those questions.


  1. HA! that is just too rich. YAY for SM and Cath, striking fear into the hearts of wooists everywhere.

    laura (leabee)

  2. Wow. Just wow. Congratulations in being a thorn in his side, which is exactly what he deserves!

    You all have more dedication than I do. I tried going to that website, but its basic design just annoyed me.

  3. @ Leabee, how are you and life where you are? I never would have thought that we could or would pose a threat to anyone, but here it is.

    @ Chris, I also never intended to haunt his forum as long as I have and stumbled upon it after his awful 'aluminium is the new thimerosal' article in a sMothering magazine issue. The advice/information he was often giving (and neglecting to give), along with the scare-articles that were being passed around just kind of sucked me in.

  4. I miss out on so much interesting stuff! Kudos to both of you for getting under his skin with your accurate information!

  5. Well KWombles, it's your own fault you missed the application deadline for pharma shill, level 1. When the application process opens again, it wouldn't hurt to bring a gourmet basket for our reptilian overlord, Lord Draconis' wife Cindy. You might get your pick of assignment next time.

  6. Maryjo_mom here. Great job ladies! I thought you had hit it big when you were mentioned on Respectful Insolence! But now Dr Bob has singled you out as a "reliable source". You should write a book and then you will officially become an "expert". LOL