Tuesday, November 16, 2010

I'm Really Bonnie Offit

This morning, J.B. Handley, one of Age of Autism's mouthpieces wrote a hilarious 'investigative report' about uncovering the true identity of Sullivan, a contributor to LeftBrain/RightBrain.  What makes it so hilarious is that he is obviously so disturbed by Sullivan's dissemination of information about quackery regarding autism aetiologies and treatments, namely those touted by Handley's brain trust, that he has 'outed' him as, get this,

Bonnie Offit, paediatrician wife of Dr. Paul Offit

As stellar as a piece of investigative work as this is, J.B. Handley is off the mark.  Because,

I am Bonnie Offit.

That's right J.B. Sherlock, back to the drawing board.  But it is worth noting that the comments about this are equally hilarious.  J.B.'s loyal flock believes him and congratulates him for such a stellar post, all except one.  Craig Willoughby  bravely goes against the tide and denounces the post for what it really is, a silly smear campaign.

Poor J.B., here's a hint, don't take investigative reporting tutorials from Jake Crosby.  Or do so we can all point and laugh.

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