Monday, June 13, 2011

The effects of anti-vaccine lobbying

Worth watching from beginning to the end. In particular, listen to Viera Scheibner, the "Grande Dame" of anti-vaccine activists - children are staying unprotected and are dying because of that kind of "expertise"! It is mind boggling. Watch - this is the anti-vaccine lobby rolling out their "best":

personal footnote: my 30 year old niece, healthy, top fit, half marathon runner, has been coughing for 102 days from whooping cough (and counting) now. This is not a harmless disease and it has the nickname "100 Tage Husten" (100 days cough) for a reason.


  1. Broke my heart watching this. Viera is a nasty piece of work. As someone in Australia who actively campaigns against the likes of her and Meryl Dorey I am thankful mainstream media are finally picking this issue up.

  2. Wow i am shocked...
    I did not know that anti-vaccine-activists were still so much around.I really hope that more people and parents will watch this and change their mind about this topic.
    As someone who just experienced whopping cough, at the age of 30,i really wish for the health of our children, and many more to come,that people reconsider their opinion about immmunization.