Friday, June 3, 2011

The MASTERPLAN - The Hidden Agenda for Global Scientific Dictatorship

Oh * my * word - I just stumbled across the below (hat tip to Omri)

Scientific World Domination is looming, and the only people to open our eyes and prevent the worst (e.g. getting sprayed with toxins by Chemtrails, or our children getting poisoned by fluoridated drinking water) are the 9/11 Truthers. They advertise

Dr. Andrew Wakefield has pioneered research into the possible links between the MMR vaccine and autism and has been victimised ruthlessly by his own profession, including being struck off by the General Medical Council in the UK for daring to speak out, despite other researchers, both before and after his evidence was published, now showing the same links between the MMR vaccine and autism. (my bold)

The bold is, of course, as bold as it is wrong.

I am not sure whether I should laugh or cry - the decline of Andrew Wakefield into this scene, down (I guess) from the Anti-Vaccine movement, deeper into the anti-science realm of conspiracy theorists is both consequential and kind of sad.

Off to stroke my cat...


  1. Is that for real? I am tempted to call Poe.

  2. This is in line with previous tours/appearances, like here and on the infowars show in Jan 2011. They must be so happy to have him...

  3. Looks like they have a diversity problem ;-)

  4. Sorry, multiple screwups here. I meant to include the URL of my notes from a talk Wakefield gave in April, in hopes that if anyone is planning to attend, they'll have some background for what to expect and will be better prepared than I was. But I got sidetracked by snarking about a bunch of old white guys (maybe not so surprising for Ireland, but at least half of them aren't Irish.) In any case, I'm several hours too late, since it appears the 2nd session is half over.

  5. Thank you for the link, John. I left a comment there. It was very good of you to sit through 2 hours of that "wasn't me"...

  6. Am sorry to say there is more like this out there.

    Two years ago, I was with a friend who wanted to get the H1N1 vaccine (aka swine flu) via our city's public health department.

    While waiting in line, a bunch of anti vaccine people were passing out literature.

    Here is a specimen item from so called vaccine liberationists. The second picture was on the literature they were handing out.

    The First Amendment is one thing, but these characters attempted to interfere with provision of medical services to those who were waiting in line.

    One of them tried to sneak in through the doors of the clinic. I alerted a clinic worker and the person was kicked out. My pal reported that there were police officers inside the clinic, precisely to cope with attempted disruptions.

    Our city was already in a budget deficit. Hiring those police officers was an added expense.

    And the anti vaccination people were pretty much ignored. Most of the people in line were from South Asia and Latin America and they WANTED access to science based disease prevention.