Sunday, April 22, 2012

Australian AntiVaccination Network to advertise on American Airlines

The CDC reported a couple of days ago, that 90% of the US' 2011 record 222 measles cases were associated with imports from other countries, nearly 90% of patients were unvaccinated or with unknown vaccination status; and of those eligible to have received the vaccine, a whopping 76% had a non-medical exemption. These numbers stress the significant risk of vaccine refusal. Measles imports into the United States come at substantial medical risk and cost, about $10000 per measles case and over $700 in income loss and other costs per quarantined family. Recent outbreaks in California, Utah, Minnesota and Arizona have cost the health system/hospitals between $130000 and $800000 to contain.

Less than a year ago, an unvaccinated infant, returning from India, exposed passengers of American Airlines flight AA3965 from Chigaco to Des Moines to measles. As a consequence of this measles import, 100 persons had to be contacted about their exposure, 25 had to be quarantined.

American Airlines seem to have a very short memory. Apparently, they are planning to feature the notorious Australian anti-vaccine campaigner Meryl Dorey of The Australian Vaccination Network (AVN), via it's in-flight "Executive Report" media and "American Way" magazine, from July to August 2012. The interview (transcript) is clearly intended to discourage parents from vaccinating, which we know will lead to resurgence of deadly diseases, like measles and pertussis. I am not sure that disease is what American Airlines means to "give back to our communities".

You don't think deadly disease should be encouraged by advertising? There is a petition - sign it!

ETA (24/04/2012): see fab update!


  1. Thanks for this. I am not sure that Dorey or AVN actually paid for coverage -- how could they possibly afford it?

    But paid or free, it needs to go. I've written an action guide, complete with pre-addressed letters and emails.

  2. I've already sent an email to AA. I'm so tired of these late-to-the-gate bandwagon-jumpers trying to be hip and edgy by publishing something "controversial". Leave this crap to Faux News.