Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Thank you American Airlines, for not spreading anti-vaccine lies

After fast and furious consumer protest and the petition that Paul Gallagher started raising over 2500 signatures in under two days, it appears American Airlines has seen the light of day and will not give vile anti-vaccine lies a platform in the in-flight "infotainment". Thank you American Airlines - thank you all who wrote, tweeted and signed!

ETA (26/4/2012) - the local (Australian) newspaper have apparently picked up on this and correctly identify the AVN as anti-vaccine on their first page:


  1. Great news Catherina, thanks for updating. What on Earth were they thinking to begin with?

  2. But, will it still be published in their magazine as they stated they would? I don't see anything about that do you?

  3. Question answered: http://blogs.discovermagazine.com/badastronomy/2012/04/23/update-partial-success-with-american-airlines/

    No print version either.

  4. I am quite heartened by

    1. The speed at which the Australian skeptics could get the word out (effective use of social media to educate and prompt change)
    2. How quickly American Airlines responded

  5. Something else occured to me after I hit publish:

    Most of the arguments Dorey has made are the standard tropes. We (the defenders of science and vaccination) are getting better at refuting them in different ways for different audiences.