Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Chalkboard is the New Comic Sans

It seems that Chalkboard is replacing Comic sans as the font of choice for woo. This image is popping up on all sorts of Facebook pages:

Not once? Nope, every time a new vaccine is licensed, it is tested against the current schedule (and the old vaccine against the same disease, if there was one). We had previously addressed this anti-vaccine lie - here is the list, by no means exhaustive, as a reminder:

Lies do not become "truer" when you use chalkboard - take the course if you don't believe us.

ETA: ohh look, the Skeptical Raptor has expanded on the links, so you don't have to click on every one of them.

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  1. Thanks for posting the link to my blog. It may double the traffic. BTW, anyone really into Comic Sans will definitely want this:

    Keep up the good fight.