Monday, September 24, 2012

Holy Bear Turd - Get in Line, Epis...

Mountain Laurel Waldorf School stands good chances of doubling the US' measles cases:
The school has just over 130 students enrolled. .../... According to NYS Health Commissioner Shah, nearly half of the students have not been immunized for measles.
Students and staff who have not been immunized have been excluded from the school until the danger of infection passes. While measles immunization is a requirement in New York State, private schools have the authority to make exceptions. The concern in New Paltz is for anyone who may have attended or visited the school after September 10.

Update: This morning the actual numbers appeared:
Eighty of the private grade school's 145 students were sent home, said Ulster County Health Commissioner Carol Smith. Since the weekend, 27 children have been vaccinated and allowed to return to school, Smith said Monday.
I found this statement of one of the parents of the vaccinated children interesting:
One Mountain Laurel parent, John Ascione, has two children attending the school; both have been vaccinated. He characterized opposition to vaccination as a result of skepticism by some parents of children attending an alternative-minded school to what he called the "corporate influence" in such institutions as the Food and Drug Administration and the CDC.
I wonder whether he and the other parents are fully aware of the Steiner philosophy and that it is not just a squishy, nacheral, crunchy alternative to teh ebil FDA/CDC run world.

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