Friday, January 11, 2013

The proof that MMS is bleach

Scientists are a curious folk - best illustrated by xkcd:

Last year, a lot of bloggers had tackled the ludicrous recommendation to use MMS (= bleach) to "cure" your child's autism/your cancer/your HIV (see Orac, Just the Vax,  Emily Willingham at TPGA, also see Autismum's excellent posts, here and here). Both Emily and we got hit by a necromancer  a couple of days ago, leaving their typo- and error-riddled insight, first and foremost "MMS is not bleach".

Emily just posted the BEST ANSWER EVER to that claim. Better than any previous attempts by various colleagues to explain chemistry, she went out, prepared MMS according to the woosters' instructions and poured it on some dark cloth. She actually did the experiment (imagine my squees of delight).


one hour after application

MMS: Yes, it is bleach - QED - thank you Emily - you are my heroine!

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  1. MMS sure is bleach.

    In spite of the negative publicity and the many excellent science bloggers who wrote about the hawking of MMS at last year's Autism One Conference, for *treatment/curing/recovery* of autistic children...that same purveyor of MMS, Kerri Rivera, is listed as a presenter at the 2013 Autism One Conference.

    Good on Emily Willingham for purchasing MMS and reporting on the industrial bleach...along with time lapse photographs.

    BTW, other quacks are listed as presenters at the May, 2013 Autism One Conference, including the castrating/chelating Geiers and the rogue, disgraced Andy Wakefield.