Sunday, March 16, 2014


the third anniversary of Angelina's diagnosis. Just before, she had been a completely healthy six year old:

then SSPE, the late and invariably fatal measles complication became overt. This video by the German Association of Pediatricians explains the stages - watch it, you'll get the gist - at first, she is "only" clumsy and falls, then the seizures start, and very few months later Angelina was incapable to doing anything. This is the condition she has been in for the past 2.5 years:

Angelina's mother wonders at the end of this video, why parents do not vaccinate their children, while they are all buckling them up in the car. She does support mandatory vaccination (no shots, no school does not exist in Germany).

I agree with the doctor in this video:

Parents - go get your children vaccinated, especially against measles, mumps and rubella. If you are not immune, talk to your doctor and get yourself up to date.
If you are afraid to vaccinate, talk to your doctor and work with him/her on "unscaring" yourself. Then vaccinate your child/yourself. Thank you.

You are an anti-vaccine activist? Have a careful look at that film clip. It shows the results of not vaccinating. Measles could have long been eradicated, where it not for pro-disease activists like you. Please realise that the risk of infecting a baby with measles is something you cannot control.


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  3. Wow - guess what moron, of course deaths decreased once medical professionals were able to treat people with antibiotics (for opportunistic secondary infections, like pneumonia) and provide ventilators as well....what didn't happen before vaccines, was a decrease in rates of incidence....meaning that the same number of people still got the disease, and the same number of people suffered the severe side effects, like blindness, deafness and encephalitis - not to mention SSPE.

  4. Mr. Scudamore, while your website is good for a laugh or two, you have stepped over the line this time. For most people making spurious claims on an article about a little girl dying from a vaccine preventable illness is rude, obnoxious, disgusting and just bad from.