Tuesday, March 18, 2014

KISS 3/18/14 - measles then

Anti-vaccine propagandist like to point out "historic" accounts of measles and co. where the diseases totally were no big deal. Well, I see your Brady Bunch and I raise you poor Captain Hamilton:

He "was not vouchsafed a hero's death upon the field of glory, he was none the less a hero, dying of pneumonia, following an attack of measles."

I am sure his mom did everything wrong and gave him tylenol or something...


  1. Looks like Dr. Bob blew a gasket on his FB page today and really put both feet in his mouth with his most recent tirade about measles. Amazingly, he complained that parents were calling his office wanting to vaccinate their children to protect them from getting measles, and he was angry at that. What a worthless excuse for a pediatrician Sears is.

    1. I have the screen shots - I may make this the next blog and point out what a wonderful malpractice suit someone would have at hand if one of those kids came down with the measles...