Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Welcome on the blo(g)ck Vaxplanations

There is a new blog on the block - Vaxplanation sets out to explain the myths around vaccination (we can never have enough of those). Their first post takes down a sad denialist piece which trivialised the dangers of measles and propagated loads of old anti-vaccine lies, well, myths. The piece is not only eloquent, but also spiked with the right amount of information, snark and some lovely memes, driving home the essentials - vaccination is safe, not vaccinating is the wrong choice.

Welcome Vaxplanations - looking forward to your next!


  1. Concerns regarding vaccinations continue to increase exponentially in light of all of the information and documentation that has surfaced over the past few years. As a result, corporate media has responded to alternative media, stating that the increase of persons who are choosing to opt out of vaccines and the recommended vaccine schedule is a result of ‘fear mongering'

    1. actually, concerns about the pro-disease faction is increasing exponentially - parents are fed up with the disease risk their non-vaccinating neighbours are exposing their own kids to.

    2. Opting out of vaccines is from a bunch of fear mongering from places like AOA and Natural News. Now with the outbreaks of measles and actual death in developed countries which antivaxxers promised never happens the rest of the 90% are fed up! The tide is turning.

  2. "Doctors today are given extensive training on how to talk to “hesitant” parents – how to frighten them by vastly inflating the risks during natural infection. They are trained on the necessity of twisting parents’ arms to conform, or fire them from their practices. Doctors are trained that NOTHING bad should be said about any vaccine, period."


      In the year 2000, an unvaccinated preteen came down with a fever and parents took him to a pediatrician's practise. He infected six children in the waiting room with measles, three of these children were under 12 months old. Two are now dying.

      Why should a doctor not fire parents who are unwilling to work with him/her and endangering the other patients?

    2. We are not interesting in fantasies.

  3. Dear Gianelloni Family. Wake up. Wake the hell up and stop making excuses for why you are sheltering under the protection of herd immunity.

    You and just the vax need to wak the hell up! seriously..... please understand herd immunity for what it is!

    Herd Immunity Never Applied to Vaccine Induced Immunity

    Dr. Russell Blaylock MD, a retired neurosurgeon, says that if one takes a moment to consider the history of vaccination, the concept of herd immunity as it applies to vaccines unravels quickly.

    1. Why should we believe Blaylock, a retired Neurosurgeon, when we have active doctors and epidemiologists proving that herd immunity works?

    2. Well, as a person with an advanced degree in a relevant field, unlike Dr. Blaylock, I can tell you that there is only immunity. We have not figured out how to make any kind of unnatural immunity. When you think about that for a microsecond a five year old could figure out that Dr. Blaylock is just wrong.

  4. Sorry, that was wake* the hell up! Please read full article posted above to understand that:

    Vaccine-induced herd immunity is a lie used to frighten doctors, public-health officials, other medical personnel, and the public into accepting vaccinations.”

    Is this really the kind of flawed, divisive and highly misguided public health initiative you want to be a part of?

    1. actually, vaccine-induced herd immunity works in the field every day. In the Netherlands for example, where measles stay in the Bible belt...

    2. Nothing you said is true so it seems to me that you want to be a part of a flawed, divisive, and highly dishonest movement.

  5. The Gianelloni blog has another post up....and it's a gem.

    Good grief. The post describes how their moderator only permits comments which are in agreement with the Church Lady and her ignorant, not-based-in-science opinions about vaccines.

    1. Wow - that is a whole boat-load of crazy there.....

  6. actually, vaccine-induced herd immunity works in the field every day. In the Netherlands for example, where measles stay in the Bible belt...

    Is that so Catherina? really,

    here are studies and government agency announcements documenting that measles outbreaks have hit the vaccinated and even been centered on them:
    Measles (Rubeola) in Previously Immunized Children, Pediatrics Vol. 46 No. 3 September 1970, pp. 397-402
    This study goes back 40 years and documents that the lack of efficacy in the measles vaccine is nothing new. It stated:
    The analysis of serologic data supported the contention that the outbreak was causally related to defective protection associated with the use of vaccine plus globulin in infants. It also demonstrated persistence of CF antibody many years after immunization and suggested the presence of a booster phenomenon.
    A review of the clinical illness of the 25 children who had been given the vaccine and 22 who had not revealed little difference in the severity of the disease.
    Measles Outbreak among Vaccinated High School Students — Illinois, Centers for Disease Control (CDC) 1984 Report
    The CDC investigated an outbreak of measles from 9 December 1983 to 13 January 1984. It centered in a school of 411 students where 100% of them had been vaccinated. The study confirmed their vaccination histories. The initial case was in a 17 year-old student, and the source of his infection was not discovered. The more students were in contact with him, the more likely that they succumbed to measles.
    The CDC entered an editorial note:
    This outbreak demonstrates that transmission of measles can occur within a school population with a documented immunization level of 100%. This level was validated during the outbreak investigation. Previous investigations of measles outbreaks among highly immunized populations have revealed risk factors such as improper storage or handling of vaccine, vaccine administered to children under 1 year of age, use of globulin with vaccine, and use of killed virus vaccine. However, these risk factors did not adequately explain the occurrence of this outbreak..0

    Largest Measles Outbreak in the Americas since 2000: Quebec Ongoing Epidemic, IDSA Boston Oral Abstract, 2011

    Between 1 January and 3 August 2011, 727 measles cases were notified in Canada. 65% of the cases were in young people aged 10-19 years. Only 1.8% were over age 40.  The study concludes

    The age group that came down with the highest percentage of cases was aged 10-19 years, a group that was mostly vaccinated, but had generally had the vaccines a few years earlier.

    The implication of this is that the measles vaccine provides only limited protection, and that the limited protection lasts for only a short time. However, natural immunity, the sort that people over age 40 are significantly more likely to have, generally results in permanent immunity.

    The statement that the outbreak “feeds largely on unvaccinated individuals” seems rather casual. To blame people who haven’t been vaccinated for disease in those who have is absurd on its face. That, though, is the sort of pseudo logic that’s often used to push vaccines.

    1. Could you possibly come up with newer epidemiological studies (1970! and 1984!) about measles outbreaks?

      You do know, don't you, that the second dose of MMR vaccine was recommended after multiple measles outbreaks during the late 1980s through early 1990s, because one dose of measles vaccine provides protection for 95 % of people and the 2-dose series of MMR Vaccine provides protection for 99 % of people?

      Did you happen to deliberately omit this section from your link to the IDSA presentation?

      "Overall, 66% of cases were considered unvaccinated, 24% had written proof of vaccination and 10% reported being vaccinated without a written proof. In 5-19 year olds, 21% had written proof of having received measles vaccine (17% had two doses and 4% had one dose) and an additional 10% reported being vaccinated without a written proof."

      Anonymous states his/her own opinion, here...which (s)he managed to insert within the IDSA link provided. I've read the link in its entirety and there is absolutely nothing mentioned about the duration of immunity against measles being ineffective when provided by the 2-dose series of MMR vaccine.

      "The implication of this is that the measles vaccine provides only limited protection, and that the limited protection lasts for only a short time. However, natural immunity, the sort that people over age 40 are significantly more likely to have, generally results in permanent immunity."

      It just goes to show you, that Anonymous is a crank troll, who cherry-picks an IDSA citation and who deliberately inserts its own ignorant opinion about immunity conferred by MMR vaccines against the measles virus.

    2. thank you lilady - my thoughts precisely - I was talking about a 2013/14 outbreak which clearly showed that herd immunity works. Any measles import to the US proves the same.

    3. Lilady, Why do you even ask when you know they don't know anything about immunity, research, vaccines, diseases, or anything really and if they did know something they would probably lie about it.

    4. Anon, I just had my titers checked last year for everything and I had one MMR in 1972 and I am still immune more than 40 years later. If that is of short duration in your mind, I don't know what to say.

  7. A review of the clinical illness of the 25 children who had been given the vaccine and 22 who had not revealed little difference in the severity of the disease.

    The bible belt is going to be better off, as those infected will have life long immunity without the the boatload of extra toxins.

    Reason #1: Vaccination Does Not Always Mean “Immunization”

    In 1957, the MMR shot became widely used in an effort to eradicate measles, mumps, and rubella. The The CDC insisted that it would eliminate mumps in the United States by the year 2010.
    But rather than preventing mumps and measles, the vaccine has actually caused widespread epidemics. Outbreaks have become the norm. And those who have suffered the most were “vaccinated.”
    Between 1983 and 1990, there was a 423% increase in measles cases among vaccinated individuals. Then in 2006, the largest mumps outbreak in twenty years occurred. Among those infected, 63% were “immunized,” as shown by Neil Miller in Vaccines: Are They Safe and Effective? Others found similar results.

    Reason #2 Vaccines Expose Kids to Toxins

    According to fact sheets put out by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and the Food & Drug Administration (FDA), vaccines are brimming with toxins. These include dozens of chemicals, heavy metals and allergens. They also include numerous objectionable ingredients, such as monkey kidney cells and aborted fetal tissue.

    Decline in Disease Not Caused by Vaccination
    Further research has shown that the historical decline in infectious diseases – that parents are now vaccinating against – were not the result of inoculation, like doctors blindly and wrongly assert. Instead, the decline began years before the vaccines were introduced thanks to improved habits of hygiene, sanitation and nutrition that raised our natural immunity.

    1. "Decline in Disease Not Caused by Vaccination"

      Oh, really? Then please explain why the rate of measles incidence in the USA dropped by 90% between 1960 and 1960 (see following census data). Do not mention deaths (mortality), nor any other decade, nor any other country.

      I will note that the author of the cited screed did not post any references to that last paragraph. Also someone with a MS in organic chemistry is not a pharmacist, nor are they an epidemiologist and this therefore unqualified to make those claims.

      Year.... Rate per 100000 of measles
      1912 . . . 310.0
      1920 . . . 480.5
      1925 . . . 194.3
      1930 . . . 340.8
      1935 . . . 584.6
      1940 . . . 220.7
      1945 . . . 110.2
      1950 . . . 210.1
      1955 . . . 337.9
      1960 . . . 245.4
      1965 . . . 135.1
      1970 . . . . 23.2
      1975 . . . . 11.3
      1980 . . . . . 5.9
      1985 . . . . . 1.2
      1990 . . . . .11.2
      1991 . . . . . .3.8
      1992 . . . . . .0.9
      1993 . . . . . .0.1
      1994 . . . . . .0.4
      1995 . . . . . .0.1
      1996 . . . . . .0.2
      1997 . . . . . . 0.1

  8. Those old studies which you rely on, have already been addressed in my reply to you above.

    Tsk, tsk. You should never rely on anything that Neil Miller has published:

    I'm getting a whiff of Thingy, here.

  9. In the Netherlands, the Dutch public health agency, has declared the measles epidemic amongst non-vaccinating religious families, "over".

    "Dutch measles epidemic is over

    Friday 28 February 2014

    The measles epidemic which broke out in the Dutch Bible Belt last May is now over, the public health institute RIVM said on Friday.

    In total, 2,600 people were diagnosed with measles but the total is likely to be far higher because many people did not go to their doctor.

    The number of reported cases has now gone down to a handful a week, compared to between 120 and 180 when the epidemic was at its peak.

    The outbreak was concentrated in families with young children who had not been vaccinated for religious reasons. One girl, who had not been vaccinated, died."

  10. An ongoing study out of Germany comparing disease rates among vaccinated and unvaccinated children points to a pretty clear disparity between the two groups as far as illness rates are concerned.

    As reported by the group Health Freedom Alliance, children who have been vaccinated according to official government schedules are up to five times more likely to contract a preventable disease than children who developed their own immune systems naturally without vaccines.

  11. For anyone on the fence about vaccinating their precious children, here is something more to consider:

    Christina England has done an excellent job of digging up some previous studies conducted in New Zealand and Germany comparing vaccinated children with unvaccinated children.

    In addition to these two studies, there was also a clinical study conducted in Hong Kong in in 2012 comparing vaccinated with unvaccinated children in regards to the flu vaccine. Researchers conducted a double-blind placebo-controlled trial on children with the trivalent inactivated influenza vaccine. Their results were published in the journal Clinical Infectious Diseases in 2012, and they found that the seasonal trivalent flu vaccine resulted in 5.5 times more incidents of respiratory illness than the placebo group. Read more about the study here.

    If you watch the video below of Congressman Posey questioning the CDC at an autism Congressional hearing back in November of 2012, you will hear the CDC admit that they have never conducted a study in the U.S. comparing vaccinated with unvaccinated children.

    Studies Prove Without Doubt That Unvaccinated Children Are Far Healthier Than Their Vaccinated Peers

    1. Again, she references the stupid online survey by a homeopath.

      And she totally did not understand the first study. This is why we should not get medical advice from self-described journalists. Especially one that bends the facts to fit her agenda.

  12. Other Conditions Found To Be Almost Non-Existent In Unvaccinated Children
    Dr. Andreas Bachmair continued his report by stating that their study found the prevalence of sinusitis, warts, skin problems and middle ear infections were also much lower in the unvaccinated children, as were the cases of diabetes and epilepsy.

    He went on to say that the results demonstrated that the prevalence of many conditions in the unvaccinated children were also significantly lower. These were:

    “Other disorders and diseases

    As we included open questions in our survey we evaluated the prevalence (of the first 10,070 participants) of some other disorders and illnesses. Unvaccinated children show very low prevalences of the following disorders:

    •Dyslexia: 0.21%
    •Speech delay/articulation problems: 0.38%
    •Sensory Processing disorder: 0.28%
    •Anxiety: 0.25%
    •Depression: 0.12%
    •Bedwetting: 0.12%
    •Celiac disease: 0.12%
    •Gluten sensitivity: 0.41%
    •GERD (Gastroesophageal reflux disease): 0.06%”
    Dr. Bachair concluded his amazing and intuitive paper by adding a number of statements from parents, which I believe really added weight to her overall findings.

    I find it amazing that despite mainstream media and leading government agencies stressing repeatedly that studies comparing vaccinated children to unvaccinated children cannot take place for ethical reasons, groups around the world are taking it upon themselves to do these studies anyway.

    While surveys of this kind are often dismissed as being purely epidemiological and passed off as little more than stamp collecting, I believe that studies of this nature should not be dismissed out of hand. After all, many stamp collections contain just one stamp that is worth far more than its weight in gold.

    These studies show without doubt that unvaccinated children are healthier than their vaccinated peers and, for this reason, these studies should be given careful consideration by all parents and professionals studying vaccination safety.

    1. Third time in a row you have promoted the most stupid online survey in the history of the internets, as noted in this three year old article:
      A survey administered by a German anti-vaccine homeopath backfires spectacularly.

  13. Oooh, look what the link says: "Dr. Andreas Bachmair, a German classical homeopathic practitioner, responsible for collecting the results of the survey from the website stated that:"

    Again, homeopaths are not real medical care providers. They are pre-scientific throwback that embrace concepts pulled out of Hahnemann's posterior two centuries ago.

    And, you really don't need to take a basic statistics course to realize that self-selected internet polls are totally worthless.

    1. Andreas Bachmair's income depends on finding as many cases of "vaccine injury" as possible, so he can "treat" them for his income. Not a great source. What totally disqualified him in my eyes from *ever* making any medical statement again was his silence while a tetanus case was discussed on his board - see - if this man had any qualification and sense of responsibility, he would have intervened. But he didn't.

  14. Is it offensive for people to find information that goes against what their doctors' info ? What do doctors think about what this immunologist thinks about vaccines not working and herd immunity through vaccinations is a myth ?

    1. Well, first they'd wonder what that particular immunologist has been smoking.....then they'd proceed to laugh their asses off at how badly she's mangled very basic science.

      So no, it isn't offensive, it's just stupid.