Friday, August 17, 2012

Australian Anti-Vaccination Network AVN pwned by stopAVN statistician at their own seminar

Since we didn't post anything yesterday, here's a quick post to celebrate Stop the AVN's Scotty Harrison's beautiful talk at the Australian Anti-Vaccination Network's seminar "Vaccination and health - your right to choose" held in Armidale NSW a couple of days ago. I think the audience and organisers were expecting a slightly different take on the issue than they got - have a look and hear the guffaws about 3 minutes in as the penny drops:

Rather small-mindedly, the organisers turned down Scotty's generous offer of coming back for the next seminar the next day to provide some balance. Pwned - just beautiful - cheers mate!


  1. Heh, "We didn't know what Scott was going to talk about..."

    I'll bet they didn't and are kicking themselves for not getting a more sympathetic speaker. Then again, no reputable statistician is going to be sympathetic to the AVN.

  2. "We didn't know what Scott was going to talk about..." or else we would have protected you from hearing anything that dissents from our position. Like those pesky facts.