Friday, August 17, 2012

Christmas is nigh - donate vaccines to UNICEF and get the t-shirt

I cannot believe that the first Christmas chocolate selection boxes have already made it into some stores. That means Christmas must be imminent, right? I guess any month is a good month to think of gifts, so let me advertise this fabulous idea (for which I am not getting any commission or anything, I just want to share the thrill of saving lives - feel free to donate any other way you see fit).

Measles kill more than 600 children every day (for example 100 in Pakistan since May), and those who survive may be left with disabilities such as blindness and brain damage. $24.30 can pay for vaccination of 81 children against measles. 100% of your donation will go to the U.S. Fund for UNICEF to support life-saving relief efforts for children. I have the shirt from last Christmas:

There are other fabulous ways to save lives - consider donating mosquito nets ($18.57 will get you the shirt and three people in malaria stricken areas an insecticide treated net):

$36.10 will buy 1000 deworming tablets and one dead worm will feature on your shirt:

You are anti-vaccine and you think that really all is needed to prevent disease is food and water? Put your money where your mouth is and provide a water pump ($500):

or 1200 vitamin enriched high energy biscuits ($59.96):

and if you want to give that very special present and money doesn't matter - consider getting your loved one a UNICEF Cargo Flight from Denmark to Kenia - at $300'000 it is a steal and the t-shirt you'll get will be a beautiful understatement of your generosity:

Check out all donation options and beautiful t-shirts illustrated by Christine and Justin Gignac on Threadless and tell us which choice you have made for your present :)

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  1. Two other ideas (easy and almost free) to suport UNICEF via donation of your old money

    1) this for the currencies still circulating
    2) via Euromoney24 for
    all the pre-EURO currencies you might have like Dutch guilders, German mark, Slovenian tolar, Austrian schilling, Portugese escudo, Spanish peseta, Belgian and Luxembourg franc, Maltese Lira, Irish pund, Koruna of Estonia and Slovakia - that migth be a nice way of using them. Only portage cost is the actual donation, because you can`t really use them anymore.