Sunday, August 19, 2012

US/CDC recommendations for the prevention and control of Influenza 2012/13

the new CDC recommendations are out - have a read. The CDC also provides detailed considerations on vaccine doses for children under 8 and adverse effects.

Note: due to the recent amount of waffling trolls on this board, only genuine questions regarding flu vaccine, schedule etc. will be tolerated in this thread.


  1. Could you maybe do a post about children with special needs and their increased risk of death from influenza? I read an article about children with any type of neurological disorder having a higher mortality rate, apparently due to less effective coughing ability, but I'm having trouble finding enough information especially since I don't have access to studies I have to pay $30/each for...thanks...

  2. that is a good idea - I will do so, but later in the week.

  3. @ petrichor: Here's a recent article about children with special needs and their risks with contracting the H1N1 influenza strain. Theses risks in terms of morbidity and mortality, are applicable as well, for children with neurological disorders, who contract any strain of the influenza virus.

    "Of the 336 children (defined as people younger than 18 years) with information available on underlying medical conditions who were reported to have died from 2009 H1N1 flu-associated causes, 227 had one or more underlying health conditions. One hundred forty-six children (64 percent) had a neurologic disorder such as cerebral palsy, intellectual disability, or epilepsy. Of the children with neurologic disorders for whom information on vaccination status was available, only 21 (23 percent) had received the seasonal influenza vaccine and 2 (3 percent) were fully vaccinated for 2009 H1N1.

    “We’ve known for some time that certain neurologic conditions can put children at high risk for serious complications from influenza,” said Dr. Lyn Finelli, chief of the surveillance and outbreak response team in CDC’s Influenza Division. “However, the high percentage of pediatric deaths associated with neurologic disorders that occurred during the 2009 H1N1 pandemic was a somber reminder of the harm that flu can cause to children with neurologic and neurodevelopmental disorders.”

  4. here's a question?

    Piers Morgan took a flu shot on national television, and in the days following, suffered from the flu. Do you think he was dupped by the CDC and your shared recommendations for flu shots.

    1. It takes a flu jab a couple of weeks to allow the recipient to mount an adequate immune response. It is not unusual for a vaccine recipient to be incubating flu or a flu-like illness in proximity to the vaccine.

      There is much to complain about CDC flu recommendations, but that isn't it.