Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Bad month for the Geiers: Mark R. Geier's medical license suspended in Florida

On 3 August 2012, the Florida Board of Medicine decided (according to their preliminary minutes, full decision to be linked when it is published now added) that Mark Robin Geier is: to pay a $1000 dollar fine, the costs of the procedure, and not to practice in Florida until he petitions for reinstatement and appears before the Probation Committee. This follows a previous complaint by the Florida Dept of Health which Todd W. explained back in March.
13  Allegations of the Administrative Complaint: Violation of Florida Statutes s. 458.331(1)(b), FS
14  (2010) – Having a license or the authority to practice medicine revoked, suspended, or otherwise
15  acted against, including the denial of licensure, by the licensing authority of any jurisdiction,
16  including its agencies or subdivisions; s. 458.331(1)(kk), FS (2010) – Failing to report to the
17  board, in writing, within 30 days if action as defined in paragraph (b) has been taken against
18  one’s license to practice medicine in another state, territory, or country; and s. 458.331(1)(w), FS
19  (2010) – Delegating professional responsibilities to a person when the licensee delegating such
20  responsibilities knows or has reason to know that such person is not qualified by training,
21  experience, or licensure to perform them.  
I must admit a certain amount of relief at the sight of the "suspended" watermarks behind Mark Geier's license on the Florida Dept of Health's Practitioner Profile. It means that children in one more State are safe from unproven autism "therapies".

Time to update that map, Todd...

ETA: Todd W. has a description of the Florida proceedings and updates from Indiana and Maryland.


  1. I'll get it updated. I also found some additional information about this, which I hope to post as soon as I have a chance.

  2. I'm still waiting (hoping), for an insurance company to go after the father-son tag team, charging them both with insurance fraud for claiming that these autistic kids have precocious puberty...and for submitting claims for all the *treatments/cures* for those bogus diagnoses.

    Better yet, how about a multi-state Medicaid Fraud Bureau task force, to nail them?

    In the ideal world Mark and David Geier would have to repay insurance companies and Medicaid and perhaps, do some hard time in a Federal prison.

  3. Better yet, how about a multi-state Medicaid Fraud Bureau task force, to nail them?

    Given the flurry of suspensions for Papa Geier and the actions against Baby Geier, it may very well be happening as we speak.

  4. Well, according to MD statutes, David Geier could face jail time for practicing without a license, in addition to the civil fine of $10,000 already levied against him. Practicing medicine without a license is a felony offense.

    Mark Geier might also face similar penalties for violating the same law during his license suspension.

  5. cannot wait for the outcome and I cannot believe how much the two got "carried away" (presumably on the wave of approval of their patients' parents). As previously blogged, parent A is to be commended for her insistance that something was not right about the way her child was treated and she was billed.

  6. Mark R. Geier had his license to practice medicine in Texas revoked on June 8, 2012.

    1. Revoked or suspended anon? If it is revoked, do you have any link for it? Thanks.

  7. I think Mark Geier's medical license in Texas is suspended:


    (See page 3 on this link. Once Mark Geier's medical license is revoked in Maryland, the Texas Medical Board will automatically revoke his license to practice medicine).